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About Love Coleshill

Love Coleshill was set up in 2011 by Penny Johnson and Marie Stephenson with the aim of helping high street businesses to prosper in the light of the arrival of the new Morrison's store.  Things have moved on quite a lot since then!  We now have over 50 Consortium members, have hosted many events that have been attended by visitors from near and far, and we want to continue to promote local loyalty, ensuring the vitality of Coleshill. 

Current Committee

The current committee were elected at the AGM in January this year. They have local businesses and give their time voluntarily to Love Coleshill as they all believe in supporting the local community and businesses. The organisation is funded by Consortium members and sometime grants.  Specialist help is paid for when needed.

Chris Leeson is Chair. She literally loves Coleshill! Both sides of her family have been running businesses in Coleshill for over five generations and she is truly committed to seeing Coleshill prosper. She has been the town’s acupuncturist for over twenty three years and has been contributing to Love Coleshill since it began.

Alison Core is the newly appointed Secretary. This post has not been filled for some time and she has brought much needed enthusiasm and passion to get things moving in this role. She is a newer member of the Consortium as she has recently left full time teaching to set up Relax Kids  opportunities locally.

Rosalie Whitehead remains the stalwart Treasurer. She has been in this role since the beginning and has devoted many hours to the continuation and success of Love Coleshill. She runs her own interior design business on the High Street. 

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Our Aims and Objectives

Our Constitution Aims & Objectives –

  1. To promote what Love Coleshill & the Coleshill area have to offer to residents, visitors & businesses
  2. To assist in marketing members’  independent retail outlets, services & other businesses in the area
  3. To encourage other local businesses to join the Love Coleshill campaign & to become members
  4. To organise fund raising & promotional events throughout the year
  5. To maintain the Love Coleshill website & other internet-based marketing tools
  6. To nurture & promote community spirit within Coleshill & its surrounding areas
  7. To keep the High Street alive

1. Local shops sell a wide range of great products at affordable prices

Many people get out of the habit of shopping locally & are then surprised by the range of products and gifts available.

2. Shopping local saves you money – travel and parking costs etc

Out of town shops have done a good job of convincing us all that sole traders = expensive, but the evidence just isn’t there to back this up. If you add in travel, parking costs, fees to transport larger items home and your time, the overall cost is often much higher.

3. Shopping locally retains our communities

People don’t like losing shops and services in small towns and villages but don’t equate this to how they spend their money. Shops will only survive if customers spend locally – so if you want a vibrant town centre, where people can socialise as well as shop, shop locally.

4. Shopping local retains our distinctiveness – no clone towns allowed!  Many town centres in Britain look the same with franchises and multinationals. Independent shops create distinctive shopping experiences and stock different products. Independent shops keep traditional local products alive. They respond more quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs. They can also be more innovative…….organic products were first developed by independent traders.

5. Shopping local saves the environment

We are all aware of CO2 emissions and our environmental impact.  Local shops, which often stock a high percentage of locally sourced goods and products and do not require long car & bus journeys to get to, thus shopping locally helps to reduce our global footprint.


It also creates jobs, gives you great value for money and promotes mutual benefits


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Want to join?

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